Lucrative-shares.com is is a private crowdfunding platform that creates, develops and sells businesses, Apps, PC Games, Browser Games, Android, IOS Games, Windows and Steam games.

For earnings from shares you just have to buy shares and that's it. Dividends are automatically distributed in your account balance and you can withdraw them or buy more shares.

- Yes! There are 2 possibilities here: the first is to publish your shares for sale on the marketplace.
The second option is to sell them directly to us instantly, but you will have to pay a fee of 65%!

- Yes! With each purchase of shares the buyer pays a 3% fee!

- No! But if you cancel the order you will have to pay a 3% fee!

Accepted payment gateways are: BitCoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer.
This eWallets has secure and instant payments, and you can load them with money using popular options, such as: credit card, bank wire, cash, checks, and even other gateways such as Skrill, PayPal, Webmoney, etc.
If you require further help with funding a your account balance, please contact us.

- The minimum deposit amount for PerfectMoney and Payeer is $1, the minimum deposit amount for Bitcoin is $10! We do not charge any deposit fees! You will just have to pay the payment processor fee!

- The minimum amount you can withdraw is $3. and max. $100 per request! With 5% withdrawal fees (our profit)! Note that, the payment processors may have also fees! Payments are processed within 72 business hours, but usually within 48 hours!
1 request per day! Do not ask for a second if the first is not processed, otherwise it will be canceled!

- The distribution of dividends depends on the profits of the businesses, games, apps we develop and sell, also on our trade success and the profits from the high-risk investments.
We try to distribute the profits from trading and the high-risk investments weekly or bi-weekly.
The dividends from big deals will be distributed once per month, every 3, 6 months or annually!

Yes, we offer affiliate program that pays 10% commission for each purchase of shares. You do not need to make additional registrations to access our affiliate program. Every, registered user has access to the Affiliate Center and promotional materials.
# Additional rewards given for "special" statuses:
- Upon earned a$300 referral commission - "Good Affiliate" status is rewarded along with extra + $100 flat bonus.
- Upon earned a $600 referral commission. -"Power Affiliate" status is rewarded along with extra + $200 flat bonus.
- Upon earned a $3000 referral commission. - "Leader" status is rewarded along with extra + $500 flat bonus.
Further $500 bonus will be given for every additional $3000 referral commissions.
* Note: Affiliates special status is not automatic, so please write us upon reaching any.

You get an affiliate commission only if your participant buy shares with the account balance. If the participant make a deposit but not using the money to buy shares, the affiliate commission isn't credited.

No, every account must have different owner.

Lucrative-Shares.com uses efficient means and tools for security provision. Powerful Anti-DDOS protection provides an uninterrupted operation of the company server. Data exchange with the server takes place in protected mode thanks to the SSL certificate, as well as through the use of specialized software. .