How It Works?

how it works
? Earn upto 20% per month passive income FOREVER!
Everything is very simple. Like 1, 2, 3,
1- Add money to your account!
2 - Buy shares!
3 - Receive profits (dividends) Every week absolutely passively and indefinitely!

We distribute trading profits each week so that you will receive a percentage dividend weekly.
You will receive higher percentages when we have a large sale of business or large profits from advertising campaigns, which means that you will receive a large percentage of dividends this week.
The distribution of high dividends will happen monthly or every quarter (depending on the deals and profits we have made.)!

What should I do to start earning?

1 Top-up personal account balance
Click on the "Deposit" button, enter the amount, select a payment system, follow the step-by-step instructions.
We accept automatically deposits via PerfectMoney only, Payeer and Bitcoin (BTC) are processed manually up to 24 hours!
Payeer offers you a huge selection of payment processors. You can make a deposit via credit card, VISA MasterCard, Bank Transfer, Cryptocurrencies, etc.!
2 Buy Shares.

Minimum and maximum purchase of Shares.
The minimum purchase amount of Shares is 1 share.
The price per share can vary depending on purchases, sales, expenses and distribution of dividends, currently the price per 1 share is ($1.00).
The maximum purchase amout of shares at once is 10 000! We have a certain amount of shares. That's why you need to monitor the exchange page for available shares! There is no limit for buying and selling shares for 1 day!

Click on the "BUY" button.
You will be redirected to the Exchange page!
Click "Buy" OR "Buy all"(if you want to buy all in that order!)
And Enter the amount of Shares you want to buy.
3 Withdraw or Buy more Shares.
That's all, you don't have to do anything just enjoy the profits while owning shares.
Each time you receive dividends you can withdraw or buy more shares (if there are available).
Note: When you publish shares for selling you will not receive a dividend on those shares!
(If you don't want to wait for someone to buy your shares you can sell your shares to us instantly with a 65% fee)
4 Affiliate Program.
Invite new users and get additional income from their purchases. You will receive 10% for each purchase your referral makes.
# Additional rewards given for "special" statuses:
- Upon earned a$300 referral commission - "Good Affiliate" status is rewarded along with extra + $100 flat bonus.
- Upon earned a $600 referral commission. -"Power Affiliate" status is rewarded along with extra + $200 flat bonus.
- Upon earned a $3000 referral commission. - "Leader" status is rewarded along with extra + $500 flat bonus.
Further $500 bonus will be given for every additional $3000 referral commissions.
* Note: Affiliates special status is not automatic, so please write us upon reaching any.

Inviting is PROFITABLE!